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Scuba Steve provides its clients with diving services on a 24-hour, seven days a week, emergency and non-emergency response basis. Our highly skilled and experienced divers use the latest in diving technology and equipment to respond to all your underwater needs.

From repairs and maintenance on hydro-electric power plants, to marine construction including pier and dock repair, salvage and recovery, underwater welding, surveys and video documentation, we have the knowledge and expertise to get your job done quickly and efficiently.

·         Marine Construction

      Projects undertaken range from simple in water inspection and repairs to major contracts involving:

·         Hydro electric projects

·         Locks and dams

·         Bridge and pier foundation work

·         Dock / wharf erection and repairs

·         Pile restoration

·         Underwater cable landings

·         Dredging and jetting

·         Power and communication cable laying

·         Underwater welding and cutting

·         Cathode protection systems

·         Underwater coatings

·         Moorings

·         Ship husbandry

·         Salvage and Recovery
Planes, trains, automobiles, ships, barges, cranes, small personal items.

·         Surveys
Comprehensive inspections including written reports with photographic/video documentation

·         Potable Water Systems
Cleaning, installation, repairs & maintenance

·         Dive Methods
Standard Scuba (up to 30m)
Nitrox (extended bottom times)
Standard surface supplied air (up to 50m)


·         Specialized Equipment Used
Decompression chambers, Diving Bells, Hot /Cold Water Dive Systems


·         Photography / Video

      High Quality Still Photography
Diver POV Video

      Remote surface operated video with live display and recording capabilities


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